#PleasurePioneers: Loretta Ross

Ross was one of many Black women who came together, calling themselves the Women of African Descent for Reproductive Justice – reproductive justice being a term the women coined.

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#PleasurePioneers: Joycelyn Elders

Surgeon General Elders was outspoken in her beliefs about sex, even going so far as to advocate that masturbation be taught in sex ed classes.

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#PleasurePioneers: Beverly Whipple

As a professor and academic, Dr. Whipple realized that because most researchers were men, they were trying to fit women into the male mold, but she wasn’t having it.

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Dr Helen O’Connell

#PleasurePioneers: Dr Helen O’Connell

Dr O’Connell’s findings led to an overhaul of anatomy books and a new understanding of female sexuality, sexual pleasure and overall pelvic health and wellbeing.

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#PleasurePioneers: Sue Johanson

Johanson wanted to take talking about sex out of the shadows and give it not just the attention it deserved, but the necessary education that far too many still fear to address.

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