“I Tried Moxie … and Wow Was it Good!”

By Aly Walansky

While my job often involves trying out new foods and makeup, it’s always extra exciting when it leads to me getting new toys under my belt (well, quite literally!)

The Moxie is We-Vibe’s newest toy, and I was given a fun preview “test ride”, and it’s unlike anything I’ve experienced before. This clit vibrator is wearable. That means you can wear it under your clothes and go about your day and no one knows your secret (except you, of course), and that means discreet stimulation. It’s so incredibly hot to be able to be turned on and do so in public and yet no one but you (and maybe your partner…but we’ll get to that in a bit) knows what’s going on. 

Moxie is small, but powerful –

It has this cute little magnetic clip that you can use to attach it and it’s super quiet and can be controlled via app (by you OR someone else…more on that soon), so really it is perfect for fun literally anywhere. 

When I opened the package, I was first intrigued by the design. It has a contoured shape and is made of a silky-smooth silicone (no phthalates and BPA, and latex free) that’s totally safe for the body.  It’s also super quiet (like NO ONE will hear it) but that size and lack of noise doesn’t mean it is not powerful. It has tons going on, to the tune of over 10 modes and super powerful (oh boy were those fun) vibrations.  This toy is simple in its genius: Just fit it discreetly inside your panties and let it stay securely where you leave it via a magnetic clip. 

As for connectivity, the vibe has Bluetooth® 5, which stays connected via remote but also with the free We-Connect app.  The app has existed for previous We-Vibe products, so I’ve tried it before and it’s perfect if you have a partner separated by distance – you can still have long distance fun! We-Connect works on both Apple and Android, and lets them touch the screen to control the vibrations and build intensity and even create custom vibrations. If your partner is an artistic type, they’ll especially appreciate the creativity and control this gives them. 

Plus how hot is it to be pleasured by someone who isn’t even in the room?

Let me tell you… it brings video chat to a WHOLE new level. However, there’s also a remote control option so you can get off without a partner and control your own pleasure (and that’s darn fun too.)

I travel a lot for work, and so something that’s easily charged (i.e. I HATE having to pack batteries) is my everything, and this toy can charge via USB in around 90 minutes. That means you can plug it into your dashboard, computer, mobile charging brick. Whatever you need.  I’m also very used to vibrators losing their “steam” and being less powerful as they need a charge, but this was not the case, because it had a low charge alert! 

And it’s amazing.

While stuck in traffic, on a conference call that just won’t end, or in other places I won’t even mention (because they were SUPER naughty of me), this is the toy that packs serious punch without requiring carrying cases or batteries or hiding it in a bag.

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