Man on the bed - Sext More Effectively

How To Sext More Effectively

Sexting is meant to be a form of digital foreplay and can get us in the mood for sex – whether it be IRL later that same day or by keeping LDRs hot and heavy even when you’re far apart.

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going solo - sexual pleasure

How To Practice Sexual Pleasure When You’re Single

Sexuality and relationships are not mutually exclusive, learning about your body is a vital process in developing a healthy sexual identity and it’s possibly the best time to explore pleasure when you’re single, so here’s what you can do to practice sexual pleasure.

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What Back To School Means For Moms

When the kids get back into regular sleeping and eating patterns, so do we. Mothers come to life again and actually know what day of the week it is.

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How To Incorporate Food Into Sex

We imagine a sexy bedroom scenario, feeding your lover strawberries, or covering them in whipped cream or chocolate sauce. But, how do we really go about it? And aren’t things going to get… messy?

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Pleasure Sans Penis

I guess I also learned that it’s fun to stick vibrating stuff in your ass sometimes. Just to shake things up.

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How To Prep For National Orgasm Day

Because the day is to be marked with oodles upon oodles of orgasms, it’s important to prep. Here’s how to make this National Orgasm Day the best yet.

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