How To Prep For National Orgasm Day

By Amanda Chatel

In case you’ve yet to mark your calendars, grab a red Sharpie, flip to the end of July, and put a great, big star on July 31. Why? Because it’s National Orgasm Day! Although no one particularly needs a specific day to have an orgasm, it is nice that such a pleasurable experience got its very own day — that was actually signed into a law by a councilman in Brazil – and people across the world have been celebrating it ever since.

Because the day is to be marked with oodles upon oodles of orgasms, it’s important to prep. Here’s how to make this National Orgasm Day the best yet.


Do your Kegel exercises.

No one is ever too young to start doing their Kegel exercises. Although we sometimes equate them to something women do after they have a baby to prevent incontinence, women (and men!) of all ages can benefit from them. When done correctly and regularly, Kegel exercises strengthen the pelvic floor — something that’s very important when it comes to orgasms. The stronger your pelvic floor, the more likely you are to experience stronger and more frequent orgasms. So, get on that starting right now!


Treat yourself to a new sex toy.

Similar to not needing a reason to orgasm, no one “needs” a reason to buy a new sex toy. Just the fact that we’re walking around and still have breath in our lungs is “reason” enough. But still, special occasions call for special purchases, so a new toy should be at the very top of your list. If you’re someone who can only climax with clitoral stimulation (you’re in the majority, if that’s the case), then consider trying a toy that will stimulate your G-spot instead. Conversely, if you’re a G-spot gal, consider getting a vibrator that focuses on your clitoris. Take this big day as an opportunity to try something new. And, start practicing now in preparation — or wait until July 31; it’s your call!


Load up on the lube.

Because wetter is truly better, no matter what sex act is being performed, make sure you have plenty of lube on hand. When it come to choosing lube, you want something that’s not just body-friendly, but toy-friendly too. Water-based lubes are usually your best bet, especially if your toys are made of silicone and/or you use latex condoms during intercourse. While these lubes require being applied several times during sex or masturbation, they won’t breakdown latex or your beloved silicone toys. So stock up on your favorite lubes, keeping in mind that flavored can be a lot of fun too.


Make sure to have snacks and water on hand.

No matter where you live in the world, north of the equator, you’ve probably experienced some oppressive heat. As temperatures continue to soar, if you’re going to make it through National Orgasm Day, you better have things that will keep you hydrated within arm’s reach all day long. Water, beverages with electrolytes, and fruits that are high in water content like berries, peaches, and pineapple, are exactly what you need. Naturally, you’ll order pizza later on to celebrate your successful day.


Invite a friend.

Although spending July 31 masturbating will definitely be amazing (because you get to be selfish AF and no one can make you climax the way you can make you climax), sharing the day with a buddy can also be fun. You already have snacks, lube, and a new toy, so why not invite over your partner, friend with benefits, or that person you’ve been chatting with on Tinder? National Orgasm Day mean orgasms for all, after all.


Educate yourself, then experiment.

Before the big day arrives, you definitely want to do some research on orgasms. If we go by what the media shows us, we’re led to believe that there’s only one (maybe two) orgasms to experience, but that’s not the case. People, of all genders and sexual identities, can experience orgasms from stimulation of the nipples, anus, urethra, lips, and other places that you may not have considered. The human body is full of erogenous zones just waiting to be teased, tantalized, and stimulated. You may think you’re only capable of one type of orgasm, but the truth may be quite the opposite. It’s all about educating yourself, then taking that knowledge and putting it to work. And there’s no better day than National Orgasm Day to do just that.

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