The Future Of Sex – Will Tech Change Human Sexuality?

We’re at the beginning of an emerging sexual revolution, robots are alive and well and their potential for mass destruction will certainly capture headlines and invoke all kinds of emotional responses, but innovation and problem solving on a broader scale are the more exciting aspects of sextech.

By Georgia Grace

We currently have glimpses into what sex may be like, so how much control will we have as technology integrates some of our most intimate experiences, and what do we have to do to ensure sex still feels human?

Sextech is the $30 billion industry that we surprisingly know very little about. If we can openly discuss the usefulness of sextech in making sex accessible and pleasurable, we will continue to remove shame and stigma.

Sextech is here to stay, so how do we stay human in it all? Read on for three things you need to know about the future of human sexuality.

Humans will not be replaced

Technology is good for algorithms and data. As much as you love a toy, it will not replace human connection, intimacy or relationships. Bots and VR headsets are cool, interesting and may arouse excitement, but they don’t have the essence of being human with all the creativity, imagination, uniqueness and flaws. Technology is created to enhance our human experience, and the human experience will prevail.

Sextech is designed to enhance sexuality

The predictions we hear about the future of human sexuality are utterly depressing. But in all this fear and catastrophe, we’ve misunderstood sextech: Sextech is any technology designed to enhance sexuality, it’s social innovation, sexual health education, crime and assault reporting, masturbation and pleasure coaching.  

The biggest myth about sextech is that it’s chasing the orgasm, but it is so much more than that. The most exciting innovations can be seen more broadly as tools for making our sexual experiences fulfilling, consensual and exciting. These tools are created with the user at heart supporting them in learning about sex, reducing pain or uncomfortable experiences, practicing communication, and are overwhelmingly created to solve a problem and make pleasure accessible to all people, regardless of their ability, gender, relationship choice, body shape or level of experience.

The future is already here

Technology is used in every aspect of our lives making living more efficient, so naturally sex and relationships are no exception. Technology changes culture, it creates a new language and whether you like it or not, it is already common practice to use technology to connect, feel and relate with others. Through phrases like, “He slid into my DM’s… she liked an old pic… they sent me a nude… we sexted last night”, we can already see how technology is shaping human sexuality and can expect it to become more sophisticated.

The future is here, and the sex tech industry is thriving. Before you get your dildos in a twist, the innovations may surprise you. In the past few years we’ve seen the emergence of vibrators and dildos that don’t look like massive, veiny, throbbing penises. They are instead sleek, discreet, beautiful, pleasure items that consumers are proud to invest in and keep in their bedside drawer. This bold move away from mimicking anatomy is revolutionary as it acknowledges that a penis isn’t the only source of pleasure, it removes expectations from what a penis should look like and it allows for the toy to be seen as an addition rather than a replacement to human genitals. Everyone’s a winner. We-Vibe designs and manufactures world-leading vibrators for couples and individuals with pleasure and intimacy at the heart of the toys. Their newest product, Melt, is customizable with Pleasure Air Technology and 10+ levels of intensity, so everyone can feel satisfied.

Technology is transforming and informing sexuality, it can even support people in feeling more human. If sextech continues creating solutions for equal access to pleasure, supporting conversations about sex and intending to connect people with their desires, we’re safe from the sexbots for now. The current sex revolution values sexuality as a vital part of being human, in practicing love, empathy and using technology to support us in doing so.

In reading this, you may have experienced a range of responses: fear, shock, outrage, arousal, excitement. This is all part of being human – a sexbot certainly couldn’t feel any of that.


Written by We-Vibe’s Australian Sex Expert, Certified Sex Educator & Coach Georgia Grace