How To Take Sexting To A New Level

Long before the very first text (which would eventually open the doors to sexting) was sent, sexting, at least a form of it, existed.

By Amanda Chatel

Whether it was in emails or hand-written letters before that, writing out sexy, dirty thoughts to a partner is certainly nothing new. Just think about Nero and Caligula – as well-known libertines, there’s no way they kept their sexual desires to themselves while off in battle in Ancient Rome. Not to mention, surveys have found that sexting is actually good for relationships – whether you use words or nudes to tantalize your partner.  

But since the first text was sent back in 1992, we’ve come a long way. Not only have we taken advantage of texts and made them into sexts, but our sexts have reached new realms. Actually, new stratospheres that no one could have conceived back in the 90s. These days, with tools like We-Connect, sexting has actually even surpassed itself, becoming almost as real as the real thing.   

If you’ve been flirting with getting your sexting on, flirt no more, dive right in, and go for it. Here are four ways to take your sexting up several notches.  

Don’t be afraid of words.  

Words are powerful things. Even if you don’t realize it, you can level a person just as quickly as you can arouse them with the right word choice. Which is great! Once you’re able to harness certain sexual terminology that can be used to evoke sexual thoughts and put it into sentences for your partner, either in a sext or a hot FaceTime session, you’ve already tackled the first step.   

Embrace your nudes.  

Your naked body is gorgeous. It’s amazing. It’s a masterpiece – and your partner agrees. It doesn’t matter if you sext them during the day or sit down and get naked together over Skype or Facetime, you better believe your partner on the other end is really loving it – as you’re loving it too.  

Get your sex toys involved. 

If all this sexting is getting you hot and bothered, what are you going to do? Not take advantage of it and just go to bed? No way! This is where you get your sex toys involved – vibrators, dildos, cock vibrators, lube – whatever it takes for you to get off while your partner gets off too, reach for it. If you haven’t incorporated sex toys into your sex life with your partner, you’re missing out. So maybe involving these toys during a sexting session is the best way to stop missing out and let your partner know you’re ready to add a helping hand to the mix: a vibrator, for example.  

Introduce yourself and your partner to We-Connect.  

When you’re really ready to take your texting above and beyond, that’s when you and your partner turn to We-Vibe and We-Connect. With We-Connect, your partner can control your We-Vibe toy (or vice versa) via the app. But it doesn’t stop there. We-Connect still allows you to see each other (if you’re apart) and gives you space to share dirty talk as well. It’s the whole package in, well, one package that’s an app. We-Connect does just that – connect – and injects sexting with not just pleasure, but intimacy. It’s great way to explore what you like with your partner or, after you partner goes to bed, what you like by yourself. It’s literally the answer to every sexting aficionado’s dreams.  

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