The Secret To “Rip-Your-Clothes-Off As Soon As You Get In The Door” Sex

Moxie by We-Vibe wearable vibrator on a bed with remote and purple panties

…Even If You’ve Been Together Forever

By We-Vibe

Great sex is all about anticipation.

Sexologist Dr. Jess O’Reilly puts it this way: “When you don’t know what to expect, pleasure is heightened. Research shows that dopamine — the chemical associated with reward and pleasure —levels are just as high when you’re anticipating pleasure as when you’re experiencing it.”

Enter Moxie.

Moxie is all about anticipation.

The latest addition to the We-Vibe product line, Moxie is a perfectly portable app-controlled vibrator that’s worn under your clothes for a little bit (okay, make that a lot) of on-the-go fun.

We’re not talking about accidentally re-creating the famous diner orgasm from When Harry Met Sally or the vibrating panties scene from The Ugly Truth — Moxie is all about the tease. Gentle vibrations that keep the heat rising through the night. It’s all about the turn-on.

The most fun — and the most anticipation — comes when you give control of Moxie to a partner. Whether they’re across the room or on the other side of the globe, they’re now responsible for your pleasure. Whether to turn the vibrations on, up, off, everything — they’re in control.

Um, hot.

But why is it such a turn-on?

It all comes back to anticipation, and what it does to our brains. Dr. Jess explains that when a reward or pleasure is unpredictable (e.g. a monkey gets a treat for pressing a button an undetermined number of times versus receiving the treat for pushing it three times), dopamine levels double.

It’s a surefire way to turn up the heat of your sex life. A night out with a wearable vibrator is fun, for sure, but the real fun comes when you get home — if you can keep your hands off each other on the ride home.

“Breaking your routine and injecting novelty into your sex life is essential to keeping it hot over the long term,” says Dr. Jess. “New relationships are exciting because of the elements of surprise, unpredictability and risk. If you want to reinject some of that new relationship energy into your long-term relationship, you want to try new things that push your comfort zone.”

But the big question is this: how do you get that all-important sense of risk and adventure, without any actual, well, risk?

The answer: Moxie.

Two keywords were front and center for us when we were creating the perfect remote-panty vibrator: discretion and comfort.

Those two words led to every innovation that sets Moxie apart. Whisper quiet vibrations. A unique magnetic clip that keeps Moxie in place (so you don’t end up jerking awkwardly to the bathroom as a small vibrating object slips down the leg of your jeans). And, the Bluetooth-connected smartphone app that makes it look like you’re just checking your email.

“Moxie offers the ideal solution,” says Dr. Jess. “It feels risky, so you benefit from the cascade of passion chemicals (the same ones you experienced when you first met), but it’s perfectly discreet.”

She continues, “Breaking the rules together with Moxie not only heightens your excitement and pleasure — it can deepen your bond and build trust. You confide in one another, and share a private, playful secret.”

Tear-your-clothes-off sex and a stronger relationship? Where do we sign up? Oh yeah, right here. If the anticipation is already killing you, you can be the first to get your hands on Moxie here.