When I Think About You, I Touch Myself: The Art Of “Doing It” Long Distance

Being in a long distance relationship doesn’t mean that you can’t be intimate, or that you can’t have a great sex life!

By We-Vibe

Sexual intimacy. It’s perhaps the most important aspect of a healthy relationship. But when the physical distance between a couple extends over thousands of miles, is it possible to have a successful love life? Well, this is a question that hundreds of long-distance couples face. And the reality that they can’t physically touch one another is sometimes too much for the relationship to survive.

Let’s face it, sex is important in any relationship. Not only does it, well, feel good, it builds trust and creates a bond that strengthens our connection. With many long-distance relationships citing trust issues as a reason for their split, it’s easy to see that their sex life (or lack of) could be to blame.

But, it doesn’t have to be the case – a sizzling sex life is possible, even if you live thousands of miles away.

Tips For Maintaining Good Sex life in A Long Distance Relationship 

So, how do you keep your sex life all spicy though miles away from each other? 

1. Constant verbal communication:  One of the ingredients of spicy sex life in long distance relationships is communication. The constant contact reaffirms your partner’s worth, building confidence which translates to loyalty.  As life gets busier and busier, messaging has become the preferred mode of discussion since its fast and less engaging. Take a different route and make it your habit to call your spouse as often as possible.  Let yours be the first voice they listen to when they wake up and the last before they tuck in at night. Seek to know how their day was. Verbal communication will solidify your relationship leading to a good sex life. 

2. Organized Date Night. Distance means you can’t be physically together, but when it comes to having fun, you can still experience it to its full. Technology has created various avenues for your dating. What’s your best current movie? Make a date where you watch it concurrently and share your comments by texting. Your sexual desires did not die with geographical separation, did they? Schedule time where you have sex talk and speak out your sexual urges to one another. Consider phone sex through platforms like Skype where little to no dressing may make it more effective. And, these days, innovation within the sex toy industry has made it even easier to give one another pleasure across the miles. With remote control vibrators now on the market, your pleasure can be in your partner’s hands! Check out this We-Vibe Review for a look into one of the best on the market!

3. Make It A “touchy” Affair. When you get an opportunity to meet-up, make sure to enjoy each other physically through cuddling, snuggling and touching. Explode with all the sexual desires that you both had bottled up. Get as wild and playful as you can to make a lasting memory for the next separation. Good sex is part of a good sex life. Explore each other’s sexuality together.

 4. Letter-writing. While it may be so old-school compared to texting, a love letter in your handwriting will be a great surprise. Accompanying the message should be some gifts that your partner can use to get in the mood whilst they’re thinking about you in their own private time. Your partner will not only feel loved and cared, they’ll be left happy and anticipating. And, yes it could turn them on.    

5. Invest In Sexting. You turn them on, remember? To keep you desiring for each other, flirt and be sexual in your texting. Don’t let the spark die. Sexting creates a strong bond between you. Perfect this art by attaching some sexy pictures of yourself!

6. Make Time And Be Physically Present. A relationship cannot be entirely long distance. Take it upon yourself to set time aside from your tight schedule and be together. Do they have a sex fantasy? Who doesn’t? Be in the know of their imaginations and act them out when it’s sexy time. They will love you more for that, and that will improve your sex life. 

7. Touch Yourself! Think about your partner. Their face. Their body. Their, you know what! Think about how they turn you on. How it feels when they touch you…and imagine then touching you. Then touch yourself. Although you’re doing the work, you’re connecting emotional intimacy and physical intimacy and works the same way as if they were touching you themselves!

The Negative Effects If You Don’t Make An Effort With Your Sex Life

Without good sex life, you’re likely to face a myriad of problems like mistrust, infidelity and lack of confidence. Being intimate physically has a huge impact on emotional intimacy so don’t underestimate how much effort you should be making.

If, as a couple, you settle on a long-distance relationship, make sure you lay out a strategy on how to maintain a good sex life from the point of understanding why maintaining good sexual life is necessary. That may mean writing love letters, schedule physical dates, and be intentional with affirmation. Let the spark be kept alive by phone sex and sexting. 

And, although it’s important, don’t let that cause any stress…remember, sex is fun – don’t make it a chore!

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