5 Guys On What They Think About Using A Vibrator With Their Partner

A guy thinking about using a Vibrator

Sex toys add just the right amount of spice to partnered sex!

By Amanda Chatel

Sex toys have come a long, long way. The innovation alone is something worth noting and every time you turn around another major sex toy company is launching a new and even more high-tech toy or another sex toy company is born. Basically, it’s a beautiful time to be alive if you are in the market for sex toys

In 2016, Forbes published an article about the skyrocketing market for sex toys. At the time sex toys were a $15 billion industry, projected to reach $50 billion by 2020. Well, here we are in 2019 and $50 billion is just around the corner which shouldn’t really surprise anyone. 

The use of sex toys has become so common that it’s even made its way into the sex lives of couples. While once upon a time, a man might have felt insulted that his partner might need a little help, that’s no longer the case. Thanks to stats about the orgasm gap men are finally realizing that women just can’t orgasm as easily as them and using a vibrator isn’t an insult, but rather a helping hand.  

I asked five guys on their thoughts of using a vibrator with their partner. This is what they had to say.  

Timothy, 40: 

“My wife and I love using vibrators. We use them all the time. I travel a lot for work, so we don’t get as much time together as we’d like to. Because of this, having vibrators and using them when we want to have phone sex is great. I like imagining her masturbating to the sound of my voice.” 

Dave, 25: 

“My girlfriend and I have done wearable vibrators and I love it. It’s a private link in public that no one knows about except us. I love to see her reaction when I activate it… it’s something different that keeps our relationship exciting and I’d highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys using sex toys. It’s a lot of fun to explore things in a different setting like that.” 

Ivan, 37: 

“We have quite a collection and don’t use them as regularly as we used to. But that’s also because we have kids now and don’t have sex like we used to. But I found early in our relationship that vibrators added something extra to our sex life. I also found that I could enjoy the feeling of a vibrator too. I think it paves the way to other things you may want to try because if you’re going to use sex toys, you probably want to talk about it first.” 

Cam, 28: 

“I’ve never actually used sex toys with a partner but would love to try. I brought it up with my long-term ex-girlfriend and she just wasn’t interested. Even during one-night stands and casual flings, the topic never comes up unless I ask if they have a vibrator. In every instance, even if they have one, they didn’t want to use it. Honestly, I’d welcome the help.” 

Chris, 41: 

“My wife can only orgasm from vibrators. I have tried and tried, but it’s only with a vibrator that she can get off. So, for that reason I love them. It’s necessary if I want her to have an orgasm and of course I want her to have an orgasm.” 

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