How To Keep A LDR Hot And Heavy

By Aly Walansky

In an ideal world, we’d love to be in the same place as the person we love all the time, but sometimes, longdistance relationships happen. Whether you are separated because of work, or school, or family situations, you just have to find a way to keep the passion alive, whether it’s short term or for a long while. 

The great thing about the digital age is that distance isn’t what it used to be. It’s not like during the old wars, when women would have to wait for letters to come in the mail from their beau who is thousands of miles away. Now, with email and texting and apps, even someone far away is super close by. There are now lots of ways to share your life virtually and it’s fun to mix it up. Text, voice messages, video message and even sex toys that use apps so you can stay intimately connected with your sweetheart across the miles.

Stay connected 

“It’s so easy to connect electronically these days through video chats, but the trick is to find true intimacy with your sweetheart through these mediums. Because your digital connections bridge the distance between you, make them count by really showing up for your partner,” says sex expert Antonia Hall.

The secret to connecting when you are long distance is the same as if you were sitting across the table at dinner, right at home. Make eye contact and keep your body language open, as though you were there in person. “You can delve deeper through a willingness to open up and share your feelings, which helps maintain connection,” says Hall. 

These little tricks help bring more meaning to the contact you do have. Keep things spicy with racy texts, reminding your partner about the fun you’ve shared and what you plan to do with them when you next see each other.  

Keep communication strong 

Getting to know each other on the phone – old school – can be emotionally very sexy! There is something magical about the phone. “You lay in bed late at night, talking for hours and telling stories, feeling your hearts flutter and your guards drop. You allow yourself to be vulnerable, expose your secrets, and share the stories that made you *you*. Few dating couples who reside in the same city dedicate the same time for those valuable dedicated hours,” says ManWhisperer’s Laurel House. 

Play on command 

You can deal with the lack of physical contact through masturbation! “Create verbal fantasies together. Talk through the fantasies on the phone or during a Skype call,” says House. “It’s almost like you will be writing your own erotica together and simultaneously experience it in your minds. When you go to a sex shop to purchase a vibrator, bring your man on FaceTime to help you pick something out,” says House. 

Try toys, like the new Moxie 

Or have him send you a special sexy gift to use when he’s not there. Buying each other sex toys and knowing that you are both using the toy that you got for each other, can make you feel closer to them, especially if you have phone or video chat sex and you give details about what the toy is doing to you, as if it’s your partner that’s doing it to you.  

A great new toy to keep the passion strong is Moxie by We-Vibe, which is a wearable remote-and-app controlled vibrator. You can create custom vibes and play together from a great distance, via the app, and it can even be worn under your clothing – which means you can take the fun everywhere you go (discreetly!) 

It’s all foreplay for the great reunion 

When you DO see each other in person, you can have incredible experiences together. Adventures and experiences are connectors and really challenge who you are, taking you to the edges of yourself and allowing your partner in (if you’re emotionally connected and trust each other).  

“These shared experiences deepen and expand the relationship. Trust is created, vulnerabilities are expressed, and individuals really open up and start to merge and meld as couples. The excitement and the shared experience also creates opportunities for conversations. In addition to expanding the relationship, individuals expand themselves, growing closer because they are individually growing … together,” says House. 

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