Quest for the G-spot: It’s Real and we Can Take you There

By We-Vibe

You’ve heard of Atlantis. The idealized Lost City, a mythical utopia desperately sought by the heroes of comic books and movies and old SciFi paperbacks. The Ninja Turtles have searched for it.* Indiana Jones has searched for it.** We have all searched for it, in one way or another, because we want to believe that paradise awaits if only we look hard enough.

Friends: sometimes our dreams do come true.

The G-spot may be your Atlantis. Believed, by some, to be fictional. Proven, by science and by the joy of those who spend time there, to be real. If you have a vagina, you too can visit the Land of the G. And you don’t need a Ninja Turtle to find it.


The Great Spot. The Groan Spot. The Going-to-heaven-brb spot.

The G-spot’s true name comes from Dr. Ernst Gräfenberg, often credited with its “discovery.” Its original champion, though, was Dr. Beverly Whipple, a professor and author who was the first to publish the term “G-spot” in an academic context in the 1980s. She believed in Atlantis when others didn’t. For that reason (and for her research into how women with paralyzing spinal cord injuries can experience orgasms), we love her.

The G-spot is part of your clitoral network. The clitoris, which many know as the super sensitive nub outside the vagina, is actually a complex network of more than 8,000 nerve endings and erectile tissue (yep, you heard that right) which extends up the inside the vaginal wall. Tucked inside all those nerves is the ultra-sensitive, ultra-erotic, ultra-awesome G-spot.


Picture your vaginal wall, like a tunnel from your vagina up to your uterus. The lower side runs parallel to your spine. Your G-spot is on the upper side, somewhere under your belly button. Some women find it just an inch or two above the pelvic bone. Others have to go deeper before they locate it. Everyone is different, so you may have to do some exploring before you get therebut that’s half the fun!


Like most hero quests, this one is best undertaken alone, at least at first. Finding it yourself now will make it easier for you to find it with a partner later.

Lie on your back and insert your well-lubed index finger into your vagina. Feel around the upper side of your vaginal wall (under the belly button) for an area that’s softly ridged, almost like the roof of your mouth.

It’s okay if you don’t feel it right away. Some women need a lot of stimulation first, which will arouse the G-spot, causing it to swell and “announce itself.” However, long your exploration, there are two things to keep in mind: keep re-applying lube to make sure you’re comfortable and pay close attention to the sensations you feel. What’s it like if you make a “come here” motion? What if you turn your finger in slow circles? What if you tap your finger like you’re ringing a doorbell?

If any of these explorations suddenly trigger an OMG moment, then you have arrived! Welcome to the G-spot! Settle in! Take a look around! Send us a postcard!

[Here’s the fine print: You may not find it. At least, not right away. And when you do, you might feel meh about it (not all women love G-spot stimulation). And that’s okay. Your body is different from anyone else’s. You aren’t on a pass/fail mission; you’re just getting to know yourself better.]


Whether you’re on your own or exploring with a partner, don’t be afraid to give yourself breaks. Some people find the g-spot overly sensitive (even painful) if it’s the centre of attention for too long; let it recover by periodically turning your attention to other pleasure zones, like your clitoris.

If you’re solo

Try a strong vibrator sculpted especially for the G-spot (like this one).

Unlike most other penetrative toys, vibrators designed for G-spot stimulation are often asymmetrical, perfect for twisting and turning until you find a position and a pressure that works for your specific shape. Use lots of lube—your vagina makes its own when you’re aroused, but you’ll want to be in there for a while, really enjoying the slow build. A little supplemental lubrication will help the whole thing feel more comfortable.

If you’re a woman with another woman

Sit with your partner behind you so that both of you are facing forward, with her legs extended on either side of yours. Ask her to reach around with her well-lubed finger. With your hand on her wrist, guide her finger into place and show her what you like. You can even use code to keep things sexy: two squeezes on her wrist mean more pressure, one squeeze means less—something like that, helping you pass silent messages back and forth as you sink into that powerful sensation.  

If you’re a woman with a man

Straddle him while he lies on his back, then slide yourself onto his erect penis. Being on top means you have control over where and how he applies pressure. G-spot stimulation is less about in-and-out and more about back-and-forth; try swivelling your hips until you feel that electric jolt of arousal deep in your vaginal wall, then do what you need to do, girl.


Probably because history is full of skeptics who question the existence of the G-spot. We know otherwise.

We also know that you deserve to enjoy yourself, to explore new dimensions of your desire, and to understand your body. G-spot, clitoris, secret zone that only you and your partner know… doesn’t matter. Have you found something fun to do? Have you found your voice, so you can tell your partner what you want? Have you found an orgasm? Then you, my friend, have found your own personal Atlantis. Chances are it doesn’t look like anyone else’s, but that makes it no less real.

* 2003 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, S4E10, “The Lost Queen of Atlantis”

** 1992 LucasArts PC game, “Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis


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