Reasons to We-Connect with Dr. Emily Morse

By Dr. Emily Morse

Why We-Connect?

Technology has played a role in our sex lives for a really long time. From products that enhance pleasure to media that stimulates fantasy, tech touches us – and gets us to touch ourselves! For 13 years, I used technology to empower my podcast listeners to confidently prioritize their own pleasure. I want my audience – and everyone – to realize that we never stop growing sexually. A key to this growth is self-exploration, and tech can be a big part of that, too.

Exploring our bodies and discovering new ways to experience pleasure doesn’t just feel good, it helps us be more confident in our relationships. Understanding what we like is the first step in communicating our needs to a partner. This is where a little alone time with your We-Vibe can go a long way, especially when paired with the We-Connect app.

When We-Vibe first invited me to work with them in developing a sort of “how-to” video series about the We-Connect app (more on that below…), I realized that talking about why might actually be more important than how. Believe me, I’ve tried plenty of sex-tech over the years, and I’ve found that more features don’t always equal more pleasure – and rarely does the technology itself do much to enhance intimacy. This is why We-Connect is so different.

So much more than a new remote control…

The We-Connect app is so much more than a fancy remote control for your We-Vibe. Of course, it’s packed with all sorts of mind-blowing bells and whistles, but its real power comes from you. It’s designed to work as an extension of your imagination and to support you through endless experimentation. We-Connect is just the right blend of technology and intimacy, and the perfect bridge between mind and body. It turns your We-Vibe into an infinitely adjustable, highly customizable pleasure machine!

But let’s bring things back to earth here for a second and talk about how We-Connect actually works. It’s an easy-to-use smartphone app that connects to your We-Vibe using Bluetooth. As you’d expect, it does let you control the vibrations from your phone, but that’s just the beginning. Once paired, you can use We-Connect for what I call the “Three C’s”: Control, Customize, and Connect.

The Three ‘C’s

The first C is for Control. Similar to a wireless remote, We-Connect lets you use your phone to cycle through your We-Vibe’s pre-programmed vibration patterns and even adjust their intensity. My favorite part about this basic function is that the app allows you to visualize the wave patterns that you’re feeling. So, instead of trying to remember which program you like and adjusting everything using buttons on the product itself, you can simply look, swipe, and drag on your screen to precisely control what you’re experiencing.

Next is Customize. The app has two awesome tools for creating your own vibration patterns. The first lets you select and “stack” existing patterns while controlling each one’s duration and intensity. The combinations are endless. Then, if you want something even MORE unique, you can select the option to draw your own pattern. Just trace your finger to create any wave you like. When you’re done with either custom option, you can save your creation and give it a whirl whenever the mood strikes you.

Finally, my favorite – Connect. Using We-Connect, your partner can control your We-Vibe from another room – or another country. When you both have the app installed, simply pair your phone to a We-Vibe and invite your partner to join you using an internet connection. In seconds, they can use all the app’s features to deliver long-distance pleasure directly to you. You can even return the favor! When they pair a We-Vibe to their phone, you can each control each other’s! If that doesn’t have you excited – there’s more. While you’re doing all that, you can SEE how your partner reacts using the app’s built-in video chat!

We-Connect + We-Vibe = Discovering New Sensations

I know, I know – there’s a lot to unpack here. Don’t worry – it’s all in the videos. But first, I want to get back to exploration for a minute. When it comes to masturbation, all of us have our go-to moves – you know, those surefire techniques that never fail to deliver. These are great, but I’m challenging you to break out of your routine. This is where the power of We-Connect comes in handy. Spend some quality time experimenting with all the vibration controls and customization options. Then try each one out using new angles, motions, and pressures as you use your We-Vibe. You can even go searching for erogenous zones you didn’t know were erogenous! Pretty soon, you’ll be discovering sensations you weren’t expecting.

And don’t limit this exploration to solo play – use We-Connect with your partner to uncover new pleasures together, whether you’re both in the same room or not.

Because We-Connect unlocks the full potential of just about every We-Vibe, you can experiment with products designed for women and men; for internal, external, or dual stimulation; not to mention those built for sharing like the SYNC. So, you may just wind up with a full-blown collection (ooh – a fourth “C”!). It’s OK – remember, it’s all in the name of exploration!

Oh, and about those videos… They’re packed with all you need to know about how to set up and use the We-Connect app – and, of course, why you’ll want to. To see the full video series, JUST CLICK HERE. I hope they inspire you to use We-Connect’s amazing technology to explore and experience pleasure like never before.

Emily Morse is a Doctor of Human Sexuality, and founder and host of Sex with Emily Podcast. She is a masthead contributor to Cosmopolitan Magazine, author, former co-host of the Loveline Radio Show, and star of Bravo TV’s Miss Advised. For more information, visit


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