Many of us hit the gym often so we can look good naked. But did you know that getting naked more often can actually help you look good?

By We-Vibe

Sex gets your heart pumping, your muscles working, and burns calories.

“During a passionate and energetic session in the bedroom, your heart rate multiplies as much as three times and breathing is almost twice as fast,” according to sexpert and author Josey Vogels.  “You can also burn between 200 and 300 calories… if you are doing it right. Not to mention that a good toe-curling orgasm helps tone every muscle in your body.”

So instead of hitting the gym today, try some of these sexy moves.

Who needs iron to get pumped up? You can get the same benefits when you lower and raise yourself over and under your partner during sex. Flex and relax your inner thighs and calves when you thrust to tone your body while you’re getting it on.

Sure, you could jog around the block. But it’s warmer under the covers. Twenty minutes of vigorous thrusting can get your ticker going as if you were pounding the pavement for the same amount of time. Our suggestion? Stay inside.

Whether you’re in downward dog or plank, you are using your arms, legs, and core muscles to keep yourself up. Use those same principles in the bedroom. Change up the sex positions, and concentrate on controlling your core muscles and holding your body up more deliberately while you ride. Namaste!

Did you get your workout in today? Do tell.

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