Sex with benefits

By We-Vibe

At last — something that’s good and good for you. Sex burns calories, gets your heart ticking, your blood pumping, and your skin glowing. Need more? Here’s a list of some little-known health benefits sex has to offer.

Pleasure vs. pain
Our bodies release oxytocin during sex. Not only does this helpful little hormone fuel orgasms, it can actually relieve pain. Time to put those headache excuses to rest for good.

Stressed out
Orgasms are the best release around. They allow us to truly let go of tension and enjoy the moment. As a bonus, you’ll sleep better after sex, which can prepare for you any stress tomorrow may bring.

Fight bugs
Having more sex might actually help chase away that summer cold or winter flu. That’s because sex boosts the level of immunoglobin in your body, giving a right kick to your resistance. It sure beats the flu shot.

Mental health
If you’re having regular sex with your partner, you’re probably a happier camper. But there’s actually some science behind all that lovey-dovey stuff. Higher levels of oxytocin triggered by sex can make you feel more generous and nurturing, according to a study by researchers from the University of Pittsburgh and the University of North Carolina.

What are you waiting for? Science is on your side. Go get it on.

What’s your favourite benefit of sex? Tell us.

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