Why Sexual Health Isn’t What You Think it Is

By We-Vibe

‘Sexual health’ is a mystery no more, thanks to Dr. Logan Levkoff’s latest research about the ‘6 pillars of sexual health’!  She discovered sexual health is actually all about “who we are and how we operate in our lives”.

 “Sexual health isn’t just about what we do. It’s about what is done to us. So while you may have different values than I, the following issues all affect our ability to be sexually healthy,” asserts Dr. Levkoff. 

The 6 pillars of sexual health, as Dr. Logan Levkoff describes them, are ways to empower us each and every day.   Whether you are in a relationship or not, sexual health needs to be made one of life’s priorities.


Physical sexual health involves taking care of your overall health, using protection — condoms, dams, or other barriers, taking contraception until you want to become pregnant and having pleasure or the potential for pleasure.

 Emotional sexual health centers on feeling comfortable with your decisions to engage or not to engage in sexual activities, feeling good about your sexual orientation and, most of all, having sexual self-confidence.

Intellectual sexual health is about being familiar with how your body works and fully understanding the outcomes — positive and potentially negative — of various sexual behaviors.

Relational sexual health means assessing the health of your relationship by asking questions such as:  Do you have a voice in your relationship? Can you speak up about pleasure? Can you ask about protection?

Political sexual health is all about access to tools and services — sexuality education, affordable contraception, reproductive health services and preventive care, to name a few.

Cultural sexual health centers on good media and cultural messages about sexuality.

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