Keep Sexual Desire Burning Bright

By We-Vibe

Even though sex, without question, is one of life’s greatest pleasures, sometimes our sexual appetite can go into a lower gear. Whether it’s a byproduct of stress, limited time, or even the lack of an exciting partner to get your sexual engine going, it can be problematic.

An active sexual life can ward off headaches, help fight depression and even reduce stress. It has also been linked to a stronger, healthier body.

So, what can you do to whet your sexual appetite? Joan Price, fitness professional, author, and an advocate for self-pleasure recently told Healthy Women:

“Realize that you are a fully sexual being whether or not you’re in a relationship. […] Touch yourself and pleasure yourself. Wear clothes that feel sensuous. Get massages and hug your friends to satisfy your hunger to be touched.”

Thankfully, a single woman has a number of options when it comes to being sexually satisfied. Taking the time to admire her own body, a sensuous bubble bath and treating herself to an erotic night with a vibrator like the Tango or Salsa are just a few.

For couples, there may be a variety of factors contributing to a decline in sexual engagement. If you don’t make time for sex – and we’re talking both frequency and duration – then the times you do have it may lack the passion and power that you’re craving. This often results in partners wanting it less and less. On the flip side there may be medical or emotional reasons at play, many treatable. For even more suggestions for fanning the sexual flame, check out Healthy Women.

We want to hear from you! Have you ever experienced waning sexual desire? What worked for you?

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