It’s Anal Pleasure Month! Here’s Why It Should Be Celebrated

It may be 2019, but anal play still isn’t as accepted as it should be.

By Amanda Chatel

The stigma that surrounds it, although not quite as taboo as it used to be, is still loud enough that San Francisco-based sex toy shop, Good Vibrations, basically said, “enough is enough.” So in 2013 they crowned August Anal Pleasure Month and it stuck.

Anal pleasure, no matter if it’s anal play, analingus, or anal penetration, can be a fantastic experience. It’s all about relaxing, using enough lube, and opening your mind. Here are five reasons to celebrate Anal Pleasure Month – this month and every month.


Anyone can enjoy it.

Although there is the thinking that men enjoy anal because they have prostates (their G-spot), women can enjoy it just as much. While women’s G-spots are in their vagina, the anus is still chockfull of nerves that love to be stimulated. Both We-Vibe’s Ditto and Vector are perfect options for anal play – whether you’re seasoned in anal play or new to it, these toys can deliver satisfaction for anyone who has a butt.


It needs to be destigmatized.

Every time we engage in something that’s considered taboo, we help to break down the stigma around it. We do the same thing even when we talk about it. Because pleasure comes in so many forms and we, as sexual beings, deserve (and want!) various types of pleasure, giving anal play a try can feel liberating. You’re stepping outside the box of what’s considered conventional and putting your pleasure first.


It can create intimacy.

Because anal is sort of next level in some ways (at least for some people), to experience it with a partner can create even greater intimacy. There’s a vulnerability that comes with anal play – for the giving and the receiver – so it opens the door to an intimate connection that may not have existed before.


It can make vaginal penetration even better.

If you wear a vibrating anal plug, like Ditto, during vaginal penetration, it can really intensify intercourse. The same goes for men. If he’s wearing an anal toy or a prostate massager, like Vector, during penetration, the stimulation that’s felt everywhere can be amazing. It’s like sensation overload, but in a very, very good way.


Anal orgasms are real.

Fun fact: there are many different types of orgasms that people can experience. While when talking about women, we tend to think that there are just clitoral and G-spot orgasms, that’s not the case. From urethra orgasms, to mental orgasms, to nipple orgasms, to skin orgasms, to even kissing orgasms, when any sensitive part of the body is stimulated an orgasm can be the result. So, yes, anal orgasms are real and, yes, they are magical.