Unleash your sexual powerhouse with Dr. Stephen de Wit

Have you found your sexual voice?

By Dr. Stephen de Wit

Sharing your desires, fantasies, sexual triggers and kinks with your partner is the key to a healthy and robust sex life according to Sexologist Dr. Stephen de Wit. Here the sexual communications coach talks about why finding your sexual wisdom will do wonders for your intimate relationships and personal confidence. Check all judgment and insecurities at the bedroom door, and explore these steps for expanding your sex life!

Get Comfortable
“When you know what turns you on, it makes it that much easier to be with someone else, and takes the guess work out of sex,” says Dr. de Wit. Understand your body’s hot buttons, what feels good where and when and why it turns you on. “There’s no right or wrong way, just your way,” says Dr. de Wit. When you’ve confidently defined your sexual penchants you’ll be ready to guide your partner on how to best touch you for more satisfying sex.

Shift Your Attitude
How we think and communicate about sex is a power influencer on our relationships, says Dr. de Wit. When you can confidently express what you want to try between the sheets, it will empower your entire outlook on sex. An open and honest space for discussion between you and your partner will let you comfortably share new techniques, tools and moves you want to explore together. Start with small steps, like watching a sexy movie, reading up on new positions or taking a trip to an adult store to browse the shelves and get your imaginations running free. You’ll then be ready to open up to a future of exciting and fulfilling sex.

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