Having A Partner Makes Life Better

By We-Vibe

Are you in a stable, happy, relationship? If so, we have great news. There is now scientific proof that romantic relationships have an abundance of positive effects on our minds, bodies and wallets.

Karen Sherman, Ph.D., is a psychologist that specializes in relationships. She notes the 9 main ways relationships make our lives better.

More Money

By the tenth year together, couples boost their wealth by about $43,000. Whereas the single counterparts average $11, ooo after 15 years. Sharing expenses really does add up!

Less Stress

University of Chicago showed that single people have significantly higher levels of cortisol than those in relationships. Cortisol, is our “fight or flight” stress hormone and having too much can lead to anxiety and high stress.

Healthy Heart

Being in love helps your ticker. Partnered survivors of coronary bypass surgery are 3 times as likely to survive and thrive 15 years later. University of Rochester researchers link the high survival rate to being happily wed.

Healing Power

Science sometimes sounds crazy, but it has been shown that a having a partner helps us heal faster. The ‘love hormone,’ oxytocin, has anti-inflammatory properties aiding in faster healing.

Battle Depression

Happy couples tend to experience the blues less often than single people and unhappy couples.The University of Basel suggests that dopamine released when you’re in love leads to a long-term “high.”

Long Life

Being in a long-term, committed relationship could reduce your chance of dying young by 15% according to Cardiff University. Apparently, solid bonds provide emotional support and encourage less risky lifestyle habits.

Cleans up your act

It turns out having someone to come home to means you don’t (always) have to stay for last call at your local watering hole. Long-term partners tend to keep the use of alcohol and illicit drugs to a minimum.

Better Investments

When Italian scientists were studying investment behaviours they noticed that married couples made better investments and built their wealth more successfully.  People in stable relationship  revealed a better pattern, and payoff, for planning for the future.

Less Doctor Visits

Thanks to all the healthy lifestyle habits relationships seem to promote couples tend to visit the doctor less often. Planning for the future, healthy eating and caring for someone else adds up to less visits to the doc.

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