5 sexy tips to keep you cool when things are heatin’ up

It’s hard to get your mojo going when it’s so sizzlin’ H-O-T out there. But the elevated mercury  is no reason for you to resort to celibacy.


By We-Vibe

In honour of these hot days we cooked up a list of 5 tips to keep you cool when things are heatin’ up on these scorching summer nights:

1. Quench your thirst. Start with a chilled cocktail. A summer mojito or sex on the beach is a great way to relax AND hydrate before a summer rumble.

2. Get wet. If you’re lucky enough to have a pool to sacrifice yourself to, then oblige as you should, but for the rest of, jumping out of a cool shower can be just the jolt you need to get your internal juices flowing. Not to mention your partners when they spot you walking over glistening…

3. Break out the cool sweet treats. Grab some citrus or coconut gelato for a refreshing treat. Of course it will be much more refreshing for all parties involved if it is enjoyed without dishes…

4. Take it off and turn that fan to oscillate! Lying in front of a fan can send the senses wild. With the cool air tickling every inch of your epidermis, heatstroke and exhaustion can quickly be replaced with goosebumps in all the right places…

5. ICE time. No it’s not time to head to the neighbourhood rink, instead grab the ice cube tray and close the bedroom door. Ice cubes provide all kinds of opportunities for fun, but remember to think outside of the box. Put an ice cube in your mouth and help your partner cool off…

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