Love your body

There are very few who wake up every morning to look in the mirror  and say, “dammmmmn”. For the rest of us learning to accept, let alone LOVE, what we see in our reflection is an everyday battle.

By We-Vibe

The most profitable industries in the world, cosmetics and beauty, are based on the pursuit of continuous improvement and perpetual dissatisfaction.

“Find the perfect you” (suggesting you’re not there yet), “lose 5 lbs today” (cause you need to), and “secrets to dressing to hide your flaws” are suggestions we are bombarded with constantly.

These headlines provide that additional suggestion of inadequacy needed to ensure our insecurties perpetuate.

But why? Realistically, women come in all shapes and sizes. And we all know that.

Short, tall, slim, voluptuous, gaunt, curvy and soft.

And we all know how far we can push it. There’s only so many fad diets you can try, so many wardrobe tricks, and so many makeovers before the inevitable realization that you’re still you.

Maybe you hate your hips. Your breasts haven’t been the same since you had kids. Or you cannot get rid of the cellulite resting comfortably on your behind.

Well, ladies, we’ve all got it, and we can scrub, and tweeze, and stair-master until the cows come home, but the sooner you learn to love what you got, the sooner you can enjoy every minute you have in that skin.

Rather than spending our lives worrying about and struggling against what nature gave us, we should be enjoying it.

Once you accept and learn to love the skin you are in, it shows. And confidence is sexy. And that kind of sexy shines brighter than the whitest teeth and the silkiest hair.

But most importantly, that confidence will be what lets you let go and explore in your most natural experiences. Yes, in the nude… you know what we mean.

So redefine it.

Look in the mirror this morning and say, “dammmmn”. And then go work it.

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