Bringing Sexy Back to the Beach: 5 Things Not to Forget!

By We-Vibe

Planning a beach getaway this weekend?  Sun, sand and sex….and not necessarily in that order.  Here’s a “sexy check list” of what to pack for the resort:

1. Lotion:  Skip the sunscreen spray and use sunscreen lotion as an excuse to massage one another before you go to the beach.   Who knows what this will lead to…And if you still come back with a burn, explore ways to incorporate healing scented aloe into your foreplay.

2. Blanket for Two:  Buy a blanket for two.  Whether you lie down on it shoulder to shoulder or wrap it around both of you after a swim, it’s sure to build anticipation for what’s to come later.

3. Ice Cubes:  Fill the cooler up with extra ice.   When you’re sunning together, take an ice cube and seductively run it up and down your partner’s back.  Or, try writing a sexy thought in “ice” and get him or her to guess what it is.

4. Tent:  Pack a portable beach tent.  This way you can get all the privacy you want and slip back into the ocean or lake afterwards.

5. Toys:  Bring sexy beach toys.  Roll the dice for romance!  Assign sexy acts to numbers 1 through 6.  Or bring along a We-Vibe 3 with its remote so you can get busy in the bedroom, on the veranda or outdoors if you can find a private spot…

Add to this list with your own ideas and be sure to share with us!

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