Sex Talk: Turning Up The Volume In Bed…

By We-Vibe

Talking during sex can be a total turn-on – or a little intimidating, depending on the mood or the couple.  If you tend to be the silent type but want to give sex talk a try, here are some ways to test the waters:

Pre-Pillow Talk – Before you get busy in the bedroom, get a conversation going about your sexual likes and dislikes.

Start Slow – Simply tell your partner where you want to be touched – and when.

Keep It Simple – Try simple directives like “harder,” “softer,” or “slower.”

Foreshadow Foreplay – Tell your partner exactly what you are going to do, but before you do it.  This builds anticipation and excitement up for the main event.

A little pillow talk can go a long way when it comes to letting go of your sexual inhibitions.  Try it and see what happens!

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