5 Ways to Make Him Go Crazy

Here are five moves that will tease your man’s erogenous zones and bring him to the brink of insane pleasure.

By We-Vibe

1. Strip…Then Tease – Have him sit down, play a sexy record, and slowly and confidently de-robe in front of him.

2. Light But Loaded – Gently rub your lips against his.  Part your mouth slightly, anticipating his tongue, and when he gives you his, pause before slowly kissing back. This will work him up, so keep repeating.  When you’re ready, passionately kiss him with a full tongue.

3. Gaze & Graze – Lay him down, look at him intensely and then gently run your nails over his entire body.   Barely graze his hot spots until you have him in a full frenzy.

4. Do Tell & Then Do – Whisper exactly what you’d like him to do to you…in the order that you want it.

5. Ear Foreplay – Kiss him softly on the lips, brush your mouth past his cheek and hover over his ear. Gently breathe on his ear, nibble at his earlobe, and then slowly trace the rim of his ear with your tongue. When he can’t stand it anymore, gently stick your tongue in his ear.

After all this, are you wondering what’s in it for you?  A lot….

Your man will be so revved up, he’ll be inspired to turn all of his attentions to you.   And if he was paying close attention,  Step number 4 will be even better than imagined.

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