Make a Wish with Dr. Jess O’Reilly

Wish by We-Vibe™ is my new go-to toy when I’m on my own or playing with my partner.

By Dr. Jess O'Reilly

I’m enamored not only by its shape but also by the way it feels against my skin. It’s plush but firm and it feels more like a personal massager than the little orgasm-maker it really is! Once you hold it in your hands, you’ll know exactly what I mean — the material is silky smooth and has just the right amount of firmness for sexual pleasure and padded softness for a sensual touch.

And while I’m accustomed to traveling with sex toys for work and my office has a range of vibrating goodies on display, most of my friends and clients prefer to be more discreet about their personal pleasure. For them, Wish is ideal because it doesn’t look like a traditional sex toy. In fact, it reminds me of the facial massagers that are on display in high-end spas and salons which might explain why the TSA has never taken notice of it in my carry-on bag (and this little powerhouse has accompanied me on 50+ flights!).

But enough about my journey with Wish, you’re probably wondering what it can do for you, so I’ve put together a few tips for maximizing its use for your pleasure:

  1. Use Wish to build anticipation and enjoy a full body massage — on your own or with a partner.

Building anticipation is key to arousal, desire, and pleasure. In fact, the anticipation of pleasure can be even more fulfilling than the receipt of pleasure itself. This is because dopamine levels are often higher when you’re awaiting an award than when you’re indulging in its delivery.

I suggest you start on the first mode (PowerPulse Low) as you explore the sensations against the thigh and hips. You might want to adjust to the Wave mode as you work your way up the sides of the body and then switch to Massage mode and apply varying pressure to the chest, shoulders, and face.

Use the tapered, gentle tip on your face along Cupid’s Arrow (the line above your upper lip) and the philtrum (the small indentation above the middle of your lips). These sensitive spots are highly responsive to touch, so use feather-light touch to enjoy the soft texture of Wish against your skin.

You may use Wish on its own for a relaxing, sensual massage or work your way toward your hotter spots to enjoy a more erotic experience. Remember that not all affection and physical touch needs to culminate in sexual activity.

  1. Slather Wish in water-based lube and roll it around the inner thighs to draw awareness, circulation and heightened pleasure to the area. As your nerve endings are awakened, close your eyes and be mindful of the physical sensations alone. Don’t worry about anything else —just focus on the sensation.

As your desire and arousal build, add a little more lube and cup the Wish around the top of your Venus Mound (the soft patch of skin above your labia). You can hold it in place and enjoy the vibrating sensations (I recommend the Ramp mode, but every body is different, so you do what works for you) or rub it up and down to pull on the skin a little (this strokes the inner shaft of the clitoris below).

As you become more relaxed and excited, roll Wish down over your lips and slide it from side to side. Press and release according to your preferences and adjust the vibrations to increase intensity. If you’re not sure which setting you prefer, simply play from one to the next — the thrill of not knowing what’s coming next results in an even more intense dopamine spike and is more likely to lead to orgasm.

  1. Use Wish against the perineum, breasts, balls, butt and more! All bodies can enjoy the plush texture and powerhouse vibrations of Wish!

The perineum is the stretch of skin that extends from the balls to the butt or the labia to the butt. It can be highly sensitive (especially if you have a prostate) and vibrating sensations against this region can intensify erections, arousal, and orgasm. Your options are endless:

  • Sweep Wish from side to side against the perineum (covered in lube) during oral or intercourse.
  • Press Wish gently against the balls while making out.
  • Hold Wish firmly against the perineum during orgasm to strengthen the sensation of the contractions.
  • Use the rounded tip of Wish against the nipples.
  • Roll the curved side around the breasts or buttocks.
  • Sit atop the vibrating Wish while going down on your partner.
  • Press Wish against the lower shaft of the penis (on the underside) during intercourse.
  • Hold Wish against your cheeks while you’re going down on your lover.
  • Rub Wish against your hot spots (e.g. breasts, balls or head of the clitoris) while you’re on top.

The Wish is for every body — including yours! Whether you prefer the soft rumble of the Wave vibrations or the more intense PowerPulse High setting, you’re sure to discover new pathways to both relaxing and pleasure as you play with this soft, plush and versatile toy.

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