What to Eat to Increase Your Libido

Unfortunately, we aren’t all naturally frisky. There are many factors that affect our libidos and overall desire and ability to enjoy sex.

By We-Vibe

We all know that a balance of physical and mental comfort and confidence go a long way in adding passion to the bedroom, but there are also a few elements you could be lacking in your diet that could add an extra boost.

Check out these tips to keep your sex drive on high…

Cutting the Caffeine
Believe me, I don’t want to be the one to tell you this, but caffeine in all its forms, can contribute to a temporarily reduced libido. Nothing wrong with a cupi or two of course, but moderation in coffee, tea and cola drinks will go a long way in staying ‘perked up’.

What list would be complete without oysters? Well the reason they are so popular as aphrodisiacs is their richness in zinc and zinc is known to be one of the key nutrients involved in enhancing libido & the production of sperm. The best places to get zinc in food form are from shellfish (particularly oysters), lean meats and poultry, brown rice and dark green veggies.

Foods high in antioxidants have positive effects on your longterm health benefits (potentially lowering risks of some cancers) but also increase your sex drive. Some tasty options are: onion and garlic, carrots, ginger, artichokes and eggplant.

Being over or under weight or lacking confidence around our body image has a negative effect on our libido and our desire and enjoyment of sex. In general, try to eat healthy, increase your intake of the key libido boosters from this list and most importantly, enjoy your body.

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