How do I get him excited about toys?

Is your partner intimidated by vibrators? Many women avoid introducing vibrators to their men for fear that they will feel threatened. The thing is, most men would welcome the added enthusiasm and excitement but the initial suggestion is scary so it needs to be done right.

By We-Vibe

So, how do you get your man to accept your vibrator, We-Vibe or otherwise, in the bedroom?

First things first, chose a toy that does not resemble a penis.  If he is worried about competition or the suggestion that he needs help, the last thing he wants to see is some goliath version of what he’s offering.

Offer to show him how it works. A little demonstration could be a powerful incentive but remember, this is about enhancing the experience together, so make sure you are paying him some attention too. Give a little demo before asking him to join in.

Let him feel the buzz. Traditionally men believe that stimulators are just for ladies. But the vibrations can feel great for them too. Whether you are wearing a toy during sex or incorporating it into your foreplay, these vibrations activate the senses and enhance the experience for everyone involved.

Give him time. Introduce the idea and let him sit with it and the possibilities. He will come around.  In the meantime, this post by Em & Lo (What Do Men Think about Sex toys in Bed?) gives some insight into what he’s thinking about.

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