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Have a “First Date” Conversation

Play time: 5 minutes

By We-Vibe

If you’ve been together a while, it’s not uncommon for most conversations between partners to narrow their focus. Work, kids, logistics. You know each other so well that it can feel like there’s nothing left to discover. But that’s simply not true! When we stop learning new things about each other, it’s not because there’s nothing left to discover—it’s because we stop asking meaningful questions. Keep these on hand for your next date night or car ride:

  • Start with, “What do you remember most about that time when…”
  • “What’s your greatest fear?”
  • “What’s something you love that you’ve never told anyone about?”

In solidarity with the Black Community

    To our We-Vibe community,   We at We-Vibe unequivocally stand in solidarity with the Black community, and the fight against systemic racism.    In the wake of the injustice […]

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