Good Vibrations: Come to Bed

By We-Vibe

Bed. A three letter word but basically everything you need in life. Your bed is where you lay to sleep and recharge after presumably being a BOSS all day. It’s where you laugh and cry, obviously binge watching Queer Eye (YAAS), but more than that, your bed is also where you get intimate with yourself and with your partner(s). Your bed has heard all your desires, fantasies, hopes and dreams, not to mention it has seen you naked…so, what better place is there to share with someone special? Light some candles, dim the lights, turn on this playlist and come to bed, baby.

In solidarity with the Black Community

    To our We-Vibe community,   We at We-Vibe unequivocally stand in solidarity with the Black community, and the fight against systemic racism.    In the wake of the injustice […]

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