The Seduction of Celery and Other Sex Facts You Didn’t Know

As we like to say here at We-Vibe, “sex never gets old,” so it’s not surprising to see a lot of growth and fresh thinking in the field of sexual health. There’s always a new fact or tip to share with your partner and that helps to keep sex satisfying.

By We-Vibe

Glamour Magazine recently compiled ”50 Sex Facts You Never Knew.” Tidbits ranged from useful to unusual. Case in point: Did you know that celery puts people in a sexy mood?

How so? When a man eats a stalk of the crunchy green veggie, androsterone and androsten odour molecules release into the body, which “turns him on.” As a result, odors and signals are produced which increase arousal in nearby women. (Alan Hirsch, M.D., author of Scentsational Sex)

Our other favorite facts include:

  • There are roughly 100 million acts of sexual intercourse each day!
  • One in four men switches the light off during sex.
  • Worried about that second piece of cake? Fear not: You burn about 200 calories during 30 minutes of active sex.
  • The average amount of time spent kissing for a person in a lifetime is 20,160 minutes. That’s 336 hours, 14 days or 2 consecutive weeks.
  • When a woman orgasms, she releases an endorphin that kills pain. Ditch the ‘headache’ excuse. Sex is the best aspirin yet!

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