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The Nudist To-Do List

Play time: From 30 seconds to as long as you want

By We-Vibe

Studies show that the more time you spend naked, the more positive you feel about your body—which leads to better sex among other benefits. The next time you catch yourself racing from the shower to the closet, take a moment to stop in front of the mirror. Tell yourself what you love about your naked body. Start with just a few seconds alone and then in time, invite your partner to join you for longer and longer “birthday-suit vacations.”  Life is too short not to love your body, so start today.

In solidarity with the Black Community

    To our We-Vibe community,   We at We-Vibe unequivocally stand in solidarity with the Black community, and the fight against systemic racism.    In the wake of the injustice […]

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