Making Sex More Intimate

By We-Vibe

Intimacy is more than just the physical connection we experience during sex.  It’s about love and trust, and how generously we give to our partners. It can also be about the position.  Some sexual positions allow for more eye contact and therefore provide a deeper and more intense intimacy than others. Other positions that require full physical body contact (lots of skin on skin) have added intimate and emotional closeness. 

Here are some sexual positions that can increase your intimacy with your partner.

This playful and strong name simply refers to the woman-on-top position. The Cowgirl allows for intimacy in many different ways.  Eye contact is easy, and holding each other is possible if you lay with your knees bent on either side of his hips and your chest rubbing against his.  The Cowgirl also allows for genital teasing and for a variety of speeds, from the slow and warm to the hard and fast.

Cowgirl on a chair.
With your partner straddled on a chair, climb on.  Perching atop your partners lap, you can make eye contact and enjoy full use of your hands and mouth.  He gets the visual stimulation of your body right in front of his face, and you get the leverage and control of being able to brace your feet on the floor.  In this position, you can hold each other close and move at whatever speed works best for you.

Side by Side.
This can almost be thought of as a cuddle with penetration…and ladies, what could be better than that?  Your arms are around each other, your lips can reach each others’ lips, necks, shoulders, and your skin is touching from shoulders to toes.  You can press against each other or slide up and down each others’ bodies, all the while wrapped in an embrace.

Yes, girls, the good old missionary position is still one of the best for increasing intimacy.  It’s great for both eye contact and full-body contact.  It also allows you to hold him close, wrapping both arms and legs tightly around him.  He can hold you, too, by wrapping his arms beneath your back or shoulders.  This brings his face closer to your lips,
neck, and ears…major erogenous zones for women.

Missionary variations.
You can keep all the benefits of the missionary position, such as eye contact, kissing, and tight holding, but tweak it a little to increase your intimacy and pleasure even more. Pull one, or even both, of your legs against your chest or over his shoulders.  This might decrease the distance between your chests, but you’ll have even more eye contact and deeper penetration.  Or, if you don’t want to give up that upper body contact, slide  a pillow under your hips.  You’ll get the body-to-body and the depth of penetration that way.

Any of these positions, if you practice them with love, trust and generosity, can be used to increase the emotional intimacy you share with your partner.  And of course, increased intimacy leads to better sex, so it’s a win-win situation all around!

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