Kegel Exercises – How and why should you do them?

Once toned, periodic flexing and contracting for both men and women can help control and intensify orgasm. Which is more than you can say for a few reps on the benchpress.

By We-Vibe

There are many benefits to working on your Kegel muscles (those that support the uterus, bladder and bowel) but possibly the strongest argument is that a strong pelvic floor and the ability to control it can lead to increased sexual gratification of both partners. (They are also prescribed for post-pregnancy re-strengthening as well as to increase bladder and bowel control.)

For ladies, the easiest way to find your kegel muscles is to pretend that you have to go to the washroom but need to hold it in. Those muscles you contract are your kegel muscles that control most of the action in your pelvis. The great news is that the simple act of contracting them, is the exercise itself.

For many women, it’s hard to find and hold that contraction without the use of some kind of aid or “exerciser”. There are barbells and vaginal weights that exist for this exact purpose, but your toys can double as your workout equipment as well.

The We-Vibe has been awknowledged as a great tool for just this. As it sits in place, your vaginal walls can more easily contract and flex to target the right muscle group.

Traditionally thought of as a women’s exercise, men can also exercise these muscles and benefit from their strength helping them achieve stronger erections and gain greater control over ejaculation.

For more information about Kegel exercise, the MayoClinic has posted an informative article Read the full article here. And for the male specific tips, check out this helpful “how-to” guide from

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