What Your Workout Says About You in Bed

By We-Vibe

It’s no secret sex and exercise go hand in hand. But what about your workout routine itself? “Your workouts have a direct effect on your bed routine” says fitness expert Mike Clancy, owner of MikeClancyTraining in NYC and Los Angeles.

“Considering a typical romp has elements of hip strength, cardiovascular endurance, and joint mobility/flexibility (for those who explore many positions), [so] your workouts can say a lot about your sex game.”

Here’s what your workout says about how you are in bed:

The punishing CrossFit routine isn’t for the weak-hearted. That makes for one determined sexual partner who won’t give up till goals are reached. And don’t expect them to quit after one round. Anyone who can do three sets of burpees, lunges and air squats is going to come back for more. “One can expect a testosterone-filled CrossFit workout to yield an aggressive porn-star,” comments Clancy.

The yoga enthusiast is dextrous, experimental and willing to try anything. Also, they know that having open and limber hip joints is essential to a healthy sexuality. And someone who can easily go from a crow pose into a bound half lotus isn’t going to shrink away from new creative positions. “When I’m doin it, I like to surprise my lover,” says actress, dancer and Pilates regular Cary Curran. “I’m super flex and that’s great for sex. Flexible is sexible!”

Soul Cycle/Flywheel/Spinning
Spinning fans take a while to warm up, but once they do, they have an almost cultish level of devotion to their partner. Expect them to want loud intense music to be blasting while they go at it. They will need to use your shoulders as handlebars for support, and they need lots of encouragement and praise, but have what it takes to keep the intensity high. For at least 45 minutes.

A swimmer is patient, repetitive, and not afraid of pushing past limits. They also can reach an entranced, meditative state unlike any other lover (even the yoga enthusiast). A swimmer also is keenly aware how subtle moments and adjustments can change everything. No matter how explosive the routine, they keep their breathing steady and stay calm, even when traversing unknown waters.

Every inch of a Kickboxer’s body can tense up and release energy, so expect this person to pull off feats of strength in bed. They may use their sex life to get out their aggressions and frustrations, but who says that doesn’t sometimes make for a passionate experience? These fighters have all the right moves, and know how to direct their energy. Basically, they f**k with focus. “Expect a Kickboxer to be explosive at all the right times,” says Clancy.

Some experts say you can burn up to 300 calories after a particularly intense encounter.  So maybe you can just make sex one of your workouts?

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