Show Yourself Some Love This Valentine’s

Whether you have a partner or not this Valentine’s Day, you can make the holiday of love truly special…for yourself. Think about it, why wait around for someone else to guess what the perfect gift or date would be? You take charge in every other area of your life, why not this one, too?

By We-Vibe

Here are some ways you can show yourself some love on Valentine’s Day.

Buy yourself flowers.
It is lovely to receive flowers from that special someone, but it’s also wonderful to have a splash of colour and fragrance in your home and know you made things so nice all on your own. Plus, this way you can be sure to get your favourite kind!

Dress up.
Wear something pretty, for yourself. Do your hair and makeup and enjoy the looks you get. Or, if dressing up is torture for you, dress down, in sloppy clothes you wouldn’t let a partner see for the first year of your relationship. It’s your special night, so wear what makes you happy and comfortable.

Throw out the diet, Part 1.
Go out to eat at your favourite restaurant. Order everything you want, including drinks and desert. Bring a book to entertain yourself or bring a girlfriend and talk about politics, religion, social issues, gossip or philosophy. Most importantly, pay no attention to the calories.

Throw out the diet, Part 2.
Chocolate. This one speaks for itself. But make it worth it with Godiva or an equivalent high quality brand.

Treat yourself to a movie.
Either at the theatre, or pickup a rental just make it a movie you would choose, not the one someone else talks you into. Weepie chick flicks or shoot ’em up action movies, it doesn’t matter…as long as the choice is yours and yours alone. Get a big popcorn and eat it all yourself.

Pamper yourself.
Have a glass of wine and take a bubble bath. Rub your favourite lotion on your skin in the ways you like to feel it. Light scented candles. You know best what feels good, so give yourself that gift.

Pursue a sensual encounter
…with yourself. Read a sexy novel or listen to erotic music. Slip into silk and lace. Get lost in your own fantasies. After all, you know your body better than anyone else…

Whether or not you have a special someone in your life, make sure to be sweet to yourself this Valentine’s Day and throughout the year.

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