Do Men Who Help Out Get Luckier?

By We-Vibe

We all love a man who helps out around the house, right? Not entirely. Apparently, this is only true if our men are doing stereotypical “man chores.”

According to a study published in the American Sociological Review men who perform “traditional female labour” such as, dishes, vacuuming, and laundry have sex less frequently than their counterparts who cut the lawn, change the lightbulbs and rake the leaves. It turns out that even in the 21st century a couples sex life is still “governed by a gendered set of sexual scripts.” Meaning, men who do “guy chores” get lucky more often.

We cannot wrap our heads around this – what busy modern day woman would be turned off by the sight of her man vacuuming? The researchers indicate that  we consciously want, and love when, our men help out with housework, but subconsciously a primitive part of our brain wakes up and tells us something is off, in turn our sexual attraction turns off too. Not cool brain, not cool.

We suggest that when ever your man decides he is going to help out with the dishes, let him! Tune out your inner cavewoman and get lucky twice instead – clean dishes and great sex!

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