Is your man intimidated by the vibe?

By We-Vibe

The short answer is yes. Most men, if you ask them, will say that they are intimidated by vibrators being incorporated into their sex lives.

Sex toys in general like feathers and rings do not bring about this same reaction. But vibrators do. Is anyone wondering why that is? I doubt it.

But what you might not know is how you can reassure your man that your new toy isn’t a replacement for him and ease him into vibrator play.

So if that’s you, and your man isn’t 100% convinced, here are some tips to help him turn over the leaf.

Give him a demonstration. Show him what the toy can do for you and how it can be used. Men are visually receptive. Once he watches you interact with a vibe, he won’t be able to deny the benefit.

Remind him that it’s for both of you. The number of toys out there targeted specifically at couples (We-Vibe included) are designed for shared pleasure and with both partners stimulation in mind.

Ease him into it. Once we accepts the idea, don’t crate out the toy box or you’ll risk shocking him. Find your toy, try it out and then take a break. This way you reduce the risk of him feeling threatened and allow him to naturally come to enjoy the enhancement.


It’s new and he may have been nervous. But if you follow this advice, it won’t be long before he’s the one reaching for the toy drawer.

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