7 Surprising Facts about Female Masturbation

We don’t talk much about it, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t happening! New research from the Journal of Sex Research reveals that most women masturbate regularly – at least once a week.

By We-Vibe

Surprised? That’s not all! Here are seven more facts about female masturbation that we bet you didn’t know either.

1)   Everyone’s doing it – at least, in this study. Survey respondents (who represented a variety of ages, races, ethnicities and sexual orientations) all reported that they had masturbated at least once in their lives, though their answers ranged from only a few times to daily.

2)   Sex toys are no longer taboo. Almost all of the women reported having used sex toys alone or with a partner. If you’re looking to get in on the trend, check out the new and improved Touch and Tango!

3)   There is no ‘normal’ way to masturbate. Most participants thought other women self-penetrate while masturbating, though they themselves didn’t report doing so. Many said they focus on clitoral stimulation. We seem to be a little clueless about how other women pleasure themselves – which just goes to show that there is no standard! Just do what feels good.

4)   It can feel like a chore sometimes. Though overall attitudes toward masturbation were very positive, respondents noted a few frustrating aspects to self-pleasure – such as when they don’t finish, or when it is used because they didn’t orgasm with a partner.

5)   Some still think it’s a ‘man thing. A few of the women said that men were more likely to masturbate, or masturbate regularly, than women. Some also reported masturbating more for their male partners (during sex, for example) than themselves. But masturbation shouldn’t just be for the guys! Don’t be afraid to take ownership of solo sex, ladies.

6)   It’s not always a big, romantic event. Many women considered masturbation a stress-busting part of their daily lives, rather than a special occasion requiring candles and mood music. One even compared her daily solo session to brushing her teeth!

7)   Masturbation makes us happy. A big reason for masturbation among the women surveyed was self-love and acceptance. Many said it was a great way to get in touch with their bodies, and reported a bunch of awesome physical and emotional benefits like joy, fun and stress relief.

What do you think? Any benefits we’ve missed here?

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